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The True Digital Entrepreneur Doesn’t Need His Own Product

Now I know this realisation won’t suit the Marxists amongst us, but the digital world really does give the unproductive amongst us a real chance at creating wealth. This thought came to my mind after a discussion with a friend who had recently been made redundant.  He wanted to look at the online world, had […]

Some Important Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t something anybody can do there are lots of different characteristics that people need that help them to become a to top business person and achieve their goals.There are a number of characteristics that you will find within all the successful business people that you meet that make them stand of from […]

Will Europe Sort Out Digital Purchases

Can you imagine a scenario where you buy something in one country but as soon as you cross a national border it’s taken off you.  It sounds completely bizarre but that’s exactly what happens with many digital purchases that happen over the internet.   Take for example the digital entertainment site called Netflix, you could […]