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Using a Proxy to Hide Your IP Address

If you live in somewhere like China, Thailand or Turkey them you’re probably already aware of the benefits of switching your IP address.  These are just a few countries which extend their governmental control online by filtering and censoring what you can do or see online. China has the most extensive and pervasive internet filters, […]

Smart Buying on the Digital Marketplace

We mentioned in  the previous post the problems that are facing many digital retailers who are trying to see over the internet.  The reality is that although the Internet should provide a level, global platform that is actually some way from the truth.  Internet users have vastly different experiences and have access to different sites […]

Splitting up Global Media Sites

The digital marketplace is of course a relatively new concept that has seen huge growth over the last few years. In fact as a concept it didn’t really exist twenty years ago but nowadays billions of dollars of transactions take place every year. Specifically of course, we’re referring to non-physical products – digital goods and […]