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Video your Way to Success

Creating videos for your business used to be an expensive and complicated, in fact most smaller companies would never get involved in this way of marketing. However nowadays it’s changed dramatically with much cheaper equipment costs, you can even shoot a video on your phone. Although falling costs for equipment were partly a barrier for […]

Using Video to Promote Your Business

For many years we read about the expansion of the internet, how many more users, sites etc every year. However nowadays the discussion is how we use and access the internet and that’s changing dramatically too. For years Google has been the main entry to the internet if we were looking for something, anything however […]

Online Marketing – Business in a Box

THere is a common misconception that online marketing is only effective for physical goods. However many people have found that it is just as effective when marketing services and digital based services. For example the advantage of the web is that you can both market and deliver your product directly to the customers – for […]

How to Run an Effective Telemarketing Campaign

Telemarketing is normally outsourced to the experts, because of it’s apparent difficulty. However if you’re on a budget it is perfectly possible to conduct an effective telemarketing campaign yourself or by using in-house staff if they are willing to help. Marketing to consumers, and doing B2B telemarketing are very different types of marketing. Getting past […]

Using Customer Feedback to Improve your Business

There are many forms of communication that are important to a new business, yet one if far more important than the others. The simple fact is that if you don’t listen to your customers, pretty soon you won’t have a business at all. It is possible that businesses have customer feedback processes in place just […]

Communication the Essential Business Skill

Starting a new business has never been easy, and yet all too often it’s easy to focus on potential failures. ¬† Yet the most successful business people are not scared of failure and nor should you be too. ¬†Focus on the skills and the product that your business supplies and simply communicate it to your […]