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Social Media communication by Vinduer

Are you on any social medias? If not then you most likely have noticed the name mentioned at least once a day from friends, television or on the radio. It has become such a big part of our lives and way of communicating that it’s almost impossible to not get affected by it one way […]

Harness the Power of Videos for Internet Marketers

Sometimes new tactics and approaches hit the world of online businesses as the next ‘sure thing’, only to fade from view a few months later. However the power of utilising video and multimedia in your marketing efforts has stood the test of time, if you’re not using it then you’re missing out. More online marketers […]

Advice to Help you Look After Your Customers

Your customers are important to your business, to be honest your customer are your business for without them all the other facets are unnecessary. Your services, your product or solutions are produced to satisfy a need for your customer and if they go elsewhere you may as well go home. Which is why it’s so […]

The Art of  Rockstar Copyrighting – Let’s Get Started

Copywriting is an invaluable skill in almost every type of business. This is the case whether you’re writing for the internet or using direct mail tactics.  The top copywriters have the ability to sell almost anything, as any of us who’s ever bought some sort of money making scheme have probably realised.  But good copywriting […]

Smartphone and tablets replaces books

If you belong to the population who still enjoy reading a real paper book, then you belong the minority of people today. Statistics show that more and more of us have replaced the traditional book with a digital version, either as an Ebook or as an audio book. But why is it that we are […]

Are there any Great Virtual Assistants Out There?

It might be that you’ve tried using virtual assistants before and lived to regret it. The problem is that although they are often very inexpensive, ultimately if they don’t add sufficient value to your business they can be more of a hindrance than a help. There’s no doubt that an assistant who has the right […]

Some Basic Techniques for Speed Reading

The art (or perhaps science) of speed reading relates to the very basic concept of improving an individual’s ability to read quickly. There are many different concepts including ‘chunking’ and reducing subvocalization. However getting started is fairly simple and hopefully this article will act as a starter for many. Although we live in a society […]