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Should you consider online advertising?

You got a brand new product or business ready, and now you want to make sure as many as possible know about it. You know that your customers won’t find it by themselves, that you somehow have to communicate the message out to them. You may have tried an ad in the local newspaper, but […]

Improving Your Cold Calling Skills

The most important goal for a brand new business is making people aware that you exist. Think outside the box and make the decision that you will start cold calling to get that word out. All you will do is what the name implies, you get leads and then set about making calls. This is […]

Business Skills – Making a Great Impression

Maybe you have a top business idea that people will love. It could be that your product is exceptional, more so than everyone else’s. Perhaps you are set up, business offices ready. You’ve hired help. You’ve done the advertising and the marketing. Doing a lot of business, however, is not a reality for you. Why […]