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One of the keys to success in business and in life is good communication. There is a large gap between the meaning we intend and the meaning that the listener understands. It is a gap that has perplexed linguists, writers, artists and philosophers from the time of Socrates. In our daily lives we often find ourselves saying: 'I didn't mean what I said'. There is so much more to communication than just words. There is also context, body language and tone. Nowadays, there is also digital communication and communication between people of different native languages. These can all be impediments to conveying your meaning.

On the simplest level we cannot take language at 'face value'. Someone might be standing in the rain, waiting for a bus and comment to another person waiting for the bus 'what a wonderful day!' In context it becomes clear that this is irony. It is also to be understood in a cultural context as a conversation gambit or an 'icebreaker'. It is the invitation to interact. It is only when it is understood that comments about the weather serve often as a way of initiating communication, that the situation and the initial ironic or sarcastic comment can be understood.

We instinctively know all of this. Computers do not. When we go to a very different culture we have to learn these contextual meanings if we want to appear 'polite' and 'not strange'.

Body language plays a huge part in communication. Potential lovers use lingering eye contact and unconsciously shadow each other - sipping their wine at the same time etc. By doing so they are signaling to each other on a non-verbal level that says so much more than any words can.

There are a whole range of body language signals for all types of interaction including business. For example the firm handshake to mark consent or the two handed handshake used by politicians when they are 'pressing flesh' to signal to the general public that they care, that they are a person of sincere beliefs.

One of the big advantages of learning a foreign language from a person who speaks that language as a native speaker is that while they are pursuing their pedagogical duties they are unwittingly bringing into the classroom the non-verbal communication signals from their own culture. Studying a foreign language abroad is even better because students become submerged in an entirely new communication nexus that forces them to release their propensity for the systems inherent in their own countries. Perhaps this is why they say that those who take foreign lovers learn the quickest.

On top of all these concerns, it is vital in business to master the new technologies of communication. This means Skype, social media, tweeting, texting and so on. Mastery of both the hardware and the software is required to use all these modern mediums of communication. Those who don't keep abreast of new technologies to do with communication are those who will lose in the competitive world of business.

Perhaps the greatest tool for communication is Those who are able to put themselves on the first page for important search phrases have the opportunity to communicate with thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands. In this sense business communication has become a cut throat competition to dominate profitable conversations. In many ways this is replacing the idea of 'branding' that sought to communicate through auto-suggestion to engender a mass response.

It is those who learn all these interpersonal, psychological, technical and SEO techniques who will be the most successful in making their communication count, in getting their message over, in being understood and converting that understanding into results.

Language is a Barrier to Immigrants

If there’s one thing that will seriously stop the integration of migrants it’s a language barrier.  Not only will it isolate a family or individual but will seriously hamper things like employment and education.  All of these are essential for a migrant to start to become a valuable member of a community.

Imagine the difficulties, arriving in a new country where the culture, the weather and environment are all completely different.  On top of that you can’t understand most people, you don’t understand forms, road signs or even the television it can be very stressful.  Most of us only experience this sort of feeling when on holiday, but can you imagine having to provide for your family or do the day to day administration in a language you don’t understand.

Unfortunately there are many migrants to the US who when they arrive struggle with basic literacy in the English Language.  Society as whole is wise when it offers classes and resources to help immigrants master the intricacies of our language.    Of course many will have some knowledge of English, often gleaned from the internet after all you can even watch the BBC using a VPN from anywhere.

It’s worthwhile investing early on in language education as it can mitigate many costs that can be incurred later on.  If migrants learn the language, it becomes easier for them to access education, healthcare and the legal system.  It also will save the state money in providing translation and linguistic services on an ongoing basis.  It is not surprising that many countries insist on their language being learnt as a prerequisite of residency.  For example in Germany the thousands of migrants seeking refuge from Syria are all expected to learnt the German language in return.

Residents of our country become net contributors to our economy as their English approves.  With English skills comes the ability go get better jobs and thus pay more taxes.  Also they start to gain access to the credit market, making them stronger consumers and drivers of Economic growth.

As education, English skills, and experience improve, many enterprising immigrants start new businesses.  These businesses in turn can increase employment levels among new immigrants and citizens alike as they expand and create more jobs!

Other benefits to English literacy is that immigrants with this skill can access the English language internet, rather than relying on the small portions of the internet written in their native tongue.  It can allow access to lots more information from the BBC News to educational resources which are more often free online than they are in other languages.

There’s no doubt that encouraging new migrants to learn the language has many benefits for all concerned.  Integration avoids many of the pitfalls of creating isolated and often economically disadvantaged societies where people group together.



How to Learn the Product Life Cycle Development Framework

For any entrepreneur or businessman who wants to launch a new, brilliant idea, it is critical to be familiar with the business framework used by strategy consulting firms known as product life cycle development. There is a great PowerPoint presentation describing this in detail on.

Here is the direct link to the Product Life Cycle document on that site. To conduct proper product life cycle analysis, there are 5 phases to perform.

1. Define the industry. This first phase is all about defining the scope of analysis. First, be clear what industry we are evaluating, as this drives the scope. To be more specific, define the SIC code for this industry. Once the SIC code is known, we can construct a time series of industry sales volume.

2. Determine the level of life cycle performance metrics. Business and product performance across 7 externals must be assessed. These range from relative growth rate to number of competitors to technology innovation. All must be carefully analyzed, which can be done through focus interviews and secondary research.

3. Identify the life cycle stage. To identify the product life cycle stage, we need to create a matrix that maps the company’s performance to relevant life cycle stage across various performance metrics. This matrix represents a life cycle scorecard against which your company’s performance is measured.

4. Forecast sales based on life cycle stage. The Bass Diffusion Model can be used for this step. Different growth parameters for the Bass Diffusion Model are determined by the industry (as determined in phase 1). This step is critical, as it drives the financials that will drive business decisions.

5. Develop strategic hypotheses and action steps. Finally, with all your ducks in a row, you can form your strategic hypotheses and accompanying recommended actions. Clearly, the life cycle stage has specific implications for strategic and tactics selected by your organization. The video below quickly runs through the framework.

The product life cycle framework can also be extended and applied to the BCG Growth-Share Matrix. In fact, the strategic actions implied by Life Cycle Development depend on both the current stage, as well as the competitive positioning of the business or product in the market. Using both frameworks, we can create a Strategic Positioning Matrix.

Online vs Offline Encyclopedias

There is an enormous leap in the amount of investigation which is being carried out through pupils, lecturers, and researchers. Even though their task has increased, there is still more business which sometimes choose never to utilize online sources, or perhaps don’t know just how to use it. There’s also a huge number of individuals, particularly in the educational industry, that will find online encyclopedias unreliable. This kind of attitude has been proven an unfortunate one simply because online research materials are often factually correct as his or her published sector. As a way to go over, the advantages of obtaining facts online, you should deal with the problem in the perspective with both  student and a teacher/researcher.

One of the first things to remember, is that online we’re not all created equally.  In fact what you can see or access varies greatly depending on your physical location.  So for example you’ll find it difficult to access resources like the BBC online from outside the UK unless you use a UK proxy server like this.  Which of course is a difficult situation for an online resource like an encyclopedia.  Traditionally you’ll get access to most physical volumes in a local library at least in most developed nations.

It’s certainly faster to utilize online encyclopedias to accomplish analysis rather than spend hours in the book. Whenever working online, each student must just obtain the encyclopedia which has different web design templates and content. From this point, the student may be granted several content relating to the focus ideas. This kind of exact method will take virtually several hours when utilizing printed material in the library.

When working with a good online encyclopedia, individuals will get updated data. When the details alter, these kind of adjustments will be shown by the online reference components.

Due to the fact that online encyclopedias tend to be continually becoming updated, they frequently have more depth and width than the usual conventional encyclopedia. This provides students an opportunity to find much more facts about any issue even in the history. Furthermore, if they’re emphasizing an interest that is not well-known, it will not be discovered inside conventional published guide supplies. Another advantage is if you find a ticket or footnote within an online encyclopedia, it is  in a hyperlink to the first origin. This offers students a simple way to assemble more information and also effortlessly research unique resources.

#Useful Information:

For watching geo blocked content like the BBC, Hulu and Netflix on your iPad abroad – try this post.

Business Communication Skills and Methods

Communicating is an absolute must if you want to genuinely succeed in both business and as a person. Throughout the world – both online and the physical,  fantastic communication is vital for that daily performance of the business.  There’s no doubt that lack of communication with your customers or peers will have an effect on success and sales. Without business conversation that’s very good, the interior and exterior frame of this corporation might experience a lot of issues that may eventually lead to its death.

There are two distinct forms of communicating –  one-way, two-way and communicating conversations. One way dialog running a company is once the business brings a note out to workers or its customers, but doesn’t take reactions from workers or the clients. Having a one way conversation is vital as it enables the enterprise to discuss information employing the clients who can enjoy the business solutions.

One of the most frequent types communications running a company is advertising, by way of instance, printing advertisements in publications and newspapers on advertisements have been illustrations.   You can even advertise online effectively to completely different customer groups by doing things like spoofing IP addresses to market to other countries. Two-way communication occurs when customers can also react to this company running a business conversation. Social-media-marketing is merely a sort of two-way communicating has acquired in popularity since it not only allows businesses to communicate with its own leads. But in addition, it enables customers as well as the results in react.


The fantastic dialog may take on several different kinds. The 3 leading kinds of communication have been spoken, printed and said (body gestures). All 3 kinds of communication are employed in doing company and externally. It is a great concept to stay in contact with a mixture of these kinds of discussion due to each person processes data otherwise. For example, a lot of men and women consume and system information greater once they detect it (spoken) while some process matters better after they are easily able to see and examine it (born). Due to this, several businesses send their customers in several various ways in addition to information for their employees. A business operator might carry out a worker assembly in which a product is released. Thus, employees watch the body language of the speaker and might observe the information. In addition, a touch memo may venture out towards the employees like a follow up towards the statement. To market its product, exactly the exact same pattern might be produced by a company with its promotion conversation to its own leads and customers.An email might venture out that has a picture of the company operator supplying a unique to customers and creating the statement?

Clients notice and can readily observe the comment. A revenue note that has been published might be transmitted to precisely the exact same market a few weeks afterwards from the email, and routine advertisements may also be issued inside the local newspaper to guard achieving people who must get written down to start to observe the info.


After the personal reasons for the company function toward talking exactly the exact same notion to suppliers clients and suppliers, the excellent conversation may also lead to an in revenue for this corporation. Fantastic conversation creates a win situation. The clients who can take pleasure in the provider receives the communications they will need to make a buy, which enhances the sales of the company and also to be certain that they’re aware of the business enterprise.


It might immediately impact the sales of the business whilst link lines are offered between a company and its customers. Each time a provider effectively conveys to clients and contributes its products and services can profit them, it transforms prospects to customers. The fantastic conversation finally enhances the company’ bottom-line.

Positive Benefits of Video Gaming

For adults it’s often difficult to imagine that spending hours in front of a computer screen can have many benefits for our children.  However parents despairing in the amount of time their child spends playing video games should take heart, as new research suggests it may stand them in good stead later in life.

Gaming can help young men and women develop key skills such as communication and resourcefulness, according to a study by a Glasgow University academic. Matt Barr, a lecturer in Information Studies said his findings indicate that modern video games can encourage players to think critically and solve problems, the types of qualities which are seen as useful for graduates. The small study included 36 undergraduates split into two distinct groups.

The first was a control group while the second, with 16 pupils, were asked to play eight video games including Borderlands 2, Minecraft and Lara Croft, under controlled conditions, logging 14 hours of play in total over an eight-week period. The findings showed that the team that played the games showed improvements on communication, adaptability and resourcefulness scales when compared with the control group.

All the games were linked to appropriate age groups and there was no other functionality required.  For instance no-one used cracked games or a VPN to bypass any blocks.

Mr Barr said: “Modern video games frequently require players to be flexible and resourceful, and locating numerous means of accomplishing a task. The way games are designed frequently encourages critical thinking and reflective learning, commonly cited as desirable attributes in graduates ”

He added: “My research is maybe what every parent might or, in the case of a few, may not like to hear. “This work demonstrates that playing with commercial video games can have a positive effect on communication capability, adaptability and resourcefulness in adult students, indicating that video games may have a role to play in higher education. ”

The study also suggests that graduate skills may be improved in a relatively short quantity of time, together with the gains reported here attained over a period of fourteen days and representing only 14 hours of match play. “Certainly, the outcome of the randomised controlled trial described here suggest that the popular discourse about matches’ alleged ill consequences should be tempered by considerations of their potential positive effects of playing video games . ”

Further Reference

Video about BBC Access

The True Digital Entrepreneur Doesn’t Need His Own Product

Now I know this realisation won’t suit the Marxists amongst us, but the digital world really does give the unproductive amongst us a real chance at creating wealth. This thought came to my mind after a discussion with a friend who had recently been made redundant.  He wanted to look at the online world, had a vague notion of selling stuff but then thought –

“But I haven’t got anything to sell”

Which is what I suspect happens to many people – the thought that they need to create a product to sell online.  Now if that’s what you want to do then fine, the internet is perfect for this. But in truth there’s millions of products already available for sale on the internet and a thousands of companies wanting you to sell their product for them – for you to maximise your profits.  Take for instance the Amazon web site – you might well get worried about going into competition with such an internet giant – but in reality you don’t have to.  In fact you can sign up as as an Amazon associate and sell their products for them – you’ll then get a commission for everything that people buy through your site.


The simple truth is that whatever you’re interested in, then somewhere there will be a company trying to sell that product online.  You don’t have to create the product yourself if you don’t want to enter the quagmire of manufacturing – simply sell other peoples stuff for commission.  Sure you’ll earn less money but your costs can be negligible – scale up the business and you can make more than the manufacturer themselves without the hassle and risk.

Let me give you an example, imagine you have an interest in say gardening.  You love gardening and a specific interest in garden tools and utensils, now it’s obviously very costly to set up a company manufacturing any sort of tool yourself.  But why not set up a website about gardening? Then on specific pages you can promote other peoples products- gardening tools and devices that you recommend.  Sign up for an affiliate account with a company and then promote their product on your websites.  You’ll then get paid for every paying customer you send their way.

The number of markets in which affiliates can promote is almost limitless, in fact promoting stuff that you like is a logical way to start.  After all if you’re impressed with a product then recommending it to others is helpful and you can make money too.  I work abroad a lot and tend to use products to bypass IP address restrictions – like this, so I can watch British TV abroad.  I found a product that allowed you to watch the BBC on a laptop from any country here using a paid VPN service here – it’s a wonderful system and I recommend it whenever I can online.  Simply because it’s a product people will love which solves an issue they have.  THat’s the wonderful thing about affiliate marketing – you can actively promote the really good products to people and still make money.

Some Important Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t something anybody can do there are lots of different characteristics that people need that help them to become a to top business person and achieve their goals.There are a number of characteristics that you will find within all the successful business people that you meet that make them stand of from the rest of the pack. Firstly and maybe most important is that they really enjoy what they do and a real passion for business and running companies.

Without a passion for the job you ain’t going to enjoy what you are doing and in the end the company and you will both fail.

Given this it also needs a lot of hard work, it takes hard graft for you to get the results that you want so if you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty and work long hours then you aren’t cut out to start your own business.

Planning planning planning, to be successful its all about planning and making sure that all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.  Don’t be afraid to invest in your future if it’s something you believe in.  You can save money in the short term but if you need to invest in things like paid VPN services and IT support staff – it’s important you back your success.

Be very particular about what is happening with the company and if plans aren’t being followed question it and find out why, you are running the company you should know what’s happening. Creating and building a strong team every good entrepreneur has a strong team working with them, having a problems within a team can make the running of a company hard if there is a problem it might be best to get rid of that person such as something that needs to be done.

Remembering it’s all about the customer without them you have no business they are the people that pay your wages and help the company grow so it’s important for you to get to know them as well. If you know your customers you get a good understanding of what they are looking for and how you can develop and evolve the company to create a better business. One of the main characteristics that you will find is that entrepreneurs are very good at self promotion and selling themselves if the customer believes in you they are going to invest in you and your product.

John Williams

Author of UK Proxy Server

Will Europe Sort Out Digital Purchases

Can you imagine a scenario where you buy something in one country but as soon as you cross a national border it’s taken off you.  It sounds completely bizarre but that’s exactly what happens with many digital purchases that happen over the internet.   Take for example the digital entertainment site called Netflix, you could subscribe in Germany then leave the country and your internet entertainment service would stop working.   It has actually  got better with Netflix who expanded across to 160 countries last year, so now you can at least access the service however there’s still an issue.  If you open you German Netflix account in Japan, you’ll get a Japanese version of the site complete with lots of Japanese type movies and TV shows.

We think the internet is a globally connected open market, yet its not really like that – businesses are actively creating barriers and blocks which restrict the internet.  Where you are really does matter, it’s completely untrue that all internet users are equal and it’s getting much worse.  Many of us where overjoyed when the BBC launched a huge live TV and online archive in their website.  For travellers and ex-pats it promised continued access to British TV irrespective of their location, yet the curse of region locking affects that too.   We can watch the BBC but you need a UK based BBC VPN to make it work – just as displayed in this video:

Remember for many people in the UK they pay a significant amount to the BBC for a TV license which funds this internet application. To remove access simply because they have travelled to a different country seems completely unfair. The problem is in two main areas, firstly the way copyrights are assigned on a regional level and secondly the complete lack of a commercial digital infrastructure to protect consumers rights when they purchase digital services.

There is hope that the European Union may be able to create the world’s first digital market. There have been some resolutions put in place which will create requirements across the European Union. The idea is that individuals are given rights to any digital products that they buy online. So if someone buys a subscription to a service in one European country that service must be available in all other European countries. Obviously this isn’t a global solution but it may produce a blueprint that the rest of the world might be able to implement.

Dangerous Law Drafted in Burma/Myanmar

It’s not uncommon particularly in countries without a stable democracy, that a law that’s supposed to protect minorities appears to achieve the opposite. One of the newest laws in Myanmar safely comes into that category. It’s supposed to protect religious freedom, but in line with the military government’s earlier laws it actually achieves almost completely the opposite effect.   What the laws purports is the establishment of boards at a local level which will analyse any individual’s proposal to change their religion.  In fact you need a permit from these boards in order to make any meaningful change to your religion.

In many countries you might think – ‘big deal’ , I’ll just change without the boards.  However in this country your religion is very important and is displayed on most personal information – identity documents and such.  In fact your religion can play a very important role in some circumstances concerning marriages, employment and even issues involving inheritance.  All will look at your religious standing especially with issues traditionally dealt with by religious courts.

Here’s how these boards will be compromised – (taken from the AHRC press release)

Under section 3 of the draft law, the inquisitorial boards will consist, at the township level, of the head of religious affairs (chairperson), the head of the national registration department (deputy chairperson), the deputy administrator of the township and a person of his choice, the chairperson of the women’s affairs federation, and a member of the education department. Under section 7(a) at least four of these persons form a quorum with which to interrogate someone seeking to convert her or his religion. Under section 7(b), the interrogation, to take place within 90 days of an application, will inquire about the extent to which the person wanting to convert has grasped the “essence” of the religion to which she or he wishes to convert; its cultural practices relating to marriage, divorce and the separation of property, and inheritance and child custody. Following this inquisition, the board will either issue or deny a permit with which to convert.

So if you want to change your religion and you’re in Burma, then you’d have to wade through a series of questioning and inquisitions by various government officials.  If you live in a Western democratic nation, could you imagine going to the town hall to ask permission from a group of council officials to ask their permission to change your faith!!

Even if implemented in a fair, unbiased and democratic manner, it would of course be completely unacceptable and a serious violation of human rights (to worship freely whatever deity they wish).  But in reality this will be used in a very different manner, it will be used to prevent Buddhists converting to any other religion.  It’s probably mainly targeted at stopping people switching to Islam more than anything.

It’s almost certain that these boards will be anything like fair, and most Burma watchers are predicting interrogation and intimidation to be built into the process.     In truth it will probably be a rubber stamp to anyone wanting to convert from any religion to Buddhism and a way to block anyone wanting to switch the other way.  It’s almost certain that this law will be abused greatly and will further erode human rights in Burma.  The country is straying away from it’s path which once looked set for a free and democratic society after years of military dictatorship.

Freedoms are still not in place, voting, religion and even the ability to use the internet without resorting to using a fake ip address. Restrictions are still in place but perhaps not enforced quite as aggressively as previously. The updating of the telecommunications and internet infrastructure helps greatly as people can access outside media through things like this page which shows how to access a free trial of BBC iplayer from abroad usiing a VPN.

Julian Basenky
Online Anonymity

A New Choice – Digital Employment

Up until the last decade or so, there have been traditional choices when it comes to employment but that has all changed now.  The digital revolution has given many people like me one gift that’s transformed many of our lives.  That is freedom, in years gone by I like many others was tied down to the daily commute, a nine to five job and a measly allocation of holidays.  Of course there were options, but self employment was in many ways restricted to those who had a trade or wanted to set up in business.  Now the digital age has brought many more options of employment for each and everyone of us.


There are of course the practical advantages of the internet – where we can teleconference over the net, work from home, emails and remote management.   Indeed these have given many people much more flexibility in their working lives, millions of people now work from home on a regular basis. The costs saved can be quite substantial on both sides, travel costs are obviously reduced but from the employers perspective the need for expensive office space is reduced too.

The home office and remote working concepts are nothing unusual anymore and both sides have embraced the advantages.

However the digital revolution has brought us much more, the ability to become self employed has become  much easier. The world wide web is the biggest communication network ever seen, but it is also the biggest marketplace.  All across the planet millions of people make their living completely online.  Through internet marketing, ebay shops, writers and a host of other occupations the world of self employment now needs only a computer and internet connection.  The great advantage is that employment possibilities are opened up to people who previously weren’t able to work or support themselves properly.  Parents can now look after their kids whilst running a successful web based business.

So what is needed to take your stake in this new digital world.  Well in truth the possibilities are virtually endless any interests or skills are a potential source of income.  If you like writing a successful blog in even the most obscure subject can become very profitable in the global context of the internet.  There are some tools you’ll need of course, a computer and an internet connection are pretty essential.

If you’re going to be targeting a global market then you should get access to a few proxies or VPNs to add the ability to change your IP address. This example the VPN is used to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland but it works for a multitude of situations too including many you’ll need for online marketing.

It’s one of the tools that is in my opinion a necessity if you’re going to work online. If you’re going to travel and work at the same time, then it becomes even more essential. The problem is that if you use random, unsecure networks it’s very dangerous to access any money sensitive sites like Paypal, bank accounts and such, unfortunately you have to do this to run an online business. There is another video on this page entitled Can I Get BBC iPlayer in Spain which shows you how to use a  program to further protect your connection and change your network address at will.

Many people start their online careers in their spare time, it’s certainly less risky than quitting your day job. However it’s important to make a serious attempt, the majority who try and succeed in some online venture and give up after a few weeks is staggering.

New Generation of Smart DNS Services

One of the big drivers behind the expansion of the VPN/Smart DNS market is the increase in use of region locking.  This is the practice where a web site controls what you can access based on your physical location.  It used to be a fairly benign technology mainly used by the search engines to ensure you got region specific results which matched your location.  However in the last few years it’s been used by media and commerce sites to lock people out of content or control what they can use on their sites.  For example one of the biggest uses is by the media giant Netflix who make extensive use of region locking based on your IP address.

Although the Netflix subscription is a global account, the version you access is based on your physical location.  So although I subscribed in the UK, if I logged on from Tokyo I’d get the Japanese version, in Paris the French version and so on.  Many people find this hugely inconvenient simply because the content both quantity and quality varies so much between these different versions, consider the American businessman confronted with lots of Japanese Anime content when he logs into Netflix for example.   The reason is usually cited as copyright restrictions however it is hugely inconvenient for the subscribers.


Previously users were able to switch to the versions they prefer by using a VPN or Smart DNS system to spoof their location and watch the version they wanted.   However this year, Netflix made the unprecedented step of blocking access to connections like this and people were forced to turn off their VPNs if they wanted to watch.   The same went for the Smart DNS solutions which routed part of the connection through localized servers in order to beat the locking – they all stopped working.

It been a few months now and a couple of VPN providers have figured out how to bypass Netflix’s block on VPNs and proxies however until now there have been no Smart DNS that have worked.   The issue is that Netflix are blocking all IP ranges which originate from commercial IP ranges – which unfortunately is all of them!  Now though the first company has updated their infrastructure to include residential IP addresses which you can read about here – Smart DNS Netflix.

The company haven’t released details on how they’ve got their DNS solution back working with the Netflix site however it’s almost certainly by incorporating residential based IP addresses into their infrastructure.   This is pretty much essential as any connection which originates from a commercial IP address (even if it’s not a proxy/vpn) will get blocked instantly from accessing anything on the Netflix site.   Although using DNS doesn’t provide any security and can be easier to block their are significant advantages – firstly you don’t need any software all you need is an account and then to point your DNS settings to the specified servers.  This means you can install on devices other than computers and laptops by just adjusting the network settings.  Secondly there is a little more control because you are allowing the DNS server to make decisions this can be configured by the user.   So you can determine whether you want UK, Canadian, or even US DNS Netflix settings –  indeed you can change these at will.

The battle continues between the web sites and the VPN/DNS providers and who knows if this will be the final installment.  There are certain to be further developments and it is hard to see where the next move will come from.  The logical solution for a provider of Netflix’s media sites is to standardize these across the world however this will likely reduce their revenue.

EU’s Digital Single Market

The European Union have a dream to expand the single market to the digital world or the DSM for short. It’s a very laudable goal, despite the success of dropping trade barriers for physical trade doing business in the digital world is pretty complicated at least n any scale. The problem is that in cyberspace Europe is still pretty fragmented with most companies trading through 28 sets of national laws concerning digital transactions.

This is probably one of the reasons why there are so few large technology businesses based here – only 26 of the world’s 176 biggest tech companies. Having to deal with all these different digital laws adds an estimated 5-9 billion dollars to their costs, although this is difficult to gauge accurately.


The EU is very aware of these problems which do in fact affect other countries too and their plan to bring down digital boundaries is expected to bring technology companies back to Europe. At the center of their plans is a series of aims and one of the most important is to enable people to access digital content across Europe in whatever country they are in.

The idea is that if they purchase something like a Netflix subscription in the UK then exactly the same subscription should be accessible from another European country say France. Currently this is not the case and you can’t access Netflix across boundaries without using something like a VPN to access like this.

It’s not an easy task especially as archaic copyright rules are the underlying issue in this scenario. In years gone by licensing access rights to content based on physical location seemed a sensible thing to do, unfortunately nowadays this looks increasingly inappropriate. What’s worth it causes all sorts of hidden costs and problems for both the suppliers and the consumers. In the world of digital entertainment a virtual war is under way with consumers needing to hide their physical locations and IP addresses whilst companies like Netflix block VPNs. This can cause other concerns as well because the use of this software helps keep internet connections secure and are used as a standard in the corporate world to secure their information.

There are proposed rules currently being circulated however this is a complex issue and is likely to take some time. There are concerns that these changes may be driven by corporate interests rather than creating a fair and open digital market. For example News publishers want publishers like Google to pay for the snippets they use, which would require more copyright powers not less – it is expected that these will be created in some way.

A Question of Encryption

For centuries, man has created codes to keep their secrets and for nearly  the same time others have attempted to break those codes to discover the secrets.  Over the years encryption has been at the heart of wars, politics and virtually all aspects of human history.  It has shaped the course of human history in important ways – some obvious and well documented as the battles to defeat the enigma codes in the second world war to the myriad number of international incidents enabled or protected because of cryptography.

Today encryption is arguably more important as the only feasible method of protecting our digital lives.  Securing the internet, protecting our emails and even protecting the machines we use to take cash out of the wall. Encryption and the privacy it provides protects and underpins our entire digital infrastructure.

It is an important issue and an emotive one, which is why when Government’s suggest that they should perhaps be entitled to ‘back doors’ to encryption that people feel so uncomfortable.   Not only is it a tool to protect our infrastructure it is also the only way we have to protect our personal privacy online.

Which is why so many people use a VPN (Virtual Private Networks) when they use the internet.  Without the encryption provided by these digital tunnels pretty much everything you do or say online flies across shared servers and hardware in clear, readable text.  The provide security and protection to the ordinary person who just doesn’t want their every movement logged, tracked and monitored.  So this is a problem to many – the issue is straight forward – using a proxy for Netflix yet the potential issues far reaching.

What at first seems like a genuine attempt to protect a specific service – i.e. Netflix restricting users to the service in their physical location, suggest some bigger problems. The media giant has basically enforced a rule that you cannot use the only viable privacy protection online to use their service. It is in effect a block on privacy applied through restricting VPNs. Of course they can argue that you can turn it back on after you leave a site yet we all know that’s unlikely to happen – even the inconvenience will see to that. The problems is that this is likely to spread as more and more companies and organisations see the control they can enforce.

The problem is that prior to the Netflix block, most of these filters were relatively easy to bypass however this is not the case with their method. It involves blocking commercial IP addresses and the reality means that you will need a residential based VPN in order to access these services in future. Unfortunately these are expensive and all this does is drive the price up excluding huge numbers because it of a prohibitive price. Effectively you can have privacy and security online but only if you can afford it.

Security Risks of VPN Wars

For many people VPNs represent a method of accessing content that they can’t normally see. For British ex-pats retiring in the sun, they mean the BBC News, Match of the Day and their favorite soaps. Americans abroad use them to watch Hulu, listen to Pandora or stay up to date with local news while travelling for business or pleasure. However although millions use VPNs in this way, this was never their primary purpose, which was simply security.

For many business travelers who use corporate hardware, connecting via a VPN is an essential requirement. It provides a layer of security and encryption which simply doesn’t exist on the internet, add to that a layer of encryption which protects data whilst it streams and you can see why it’s essential for anyone with business to transact online. The amazing success on the internet has been built not on a secure infrastructure but an available one, the reality is that doing anything vaguely confidential across the internet is a very risky thing to do indeed.

We need more VPNs, not less, they add a huge layer of security that every single one of us should use. How many of us have checked our email, online banking or paypal account whilst using a hotel wifi or the one at a coffee shop or airport. Are these access points secure, have they been carefully configured and secured to the highest standards – it’s highly unlikely that most have. The fact is that anyone of these points could be easily compromised and your credentials stolen.

Cybercrime like this is appealing, it’s low risk high reward crime – you can hack into (or even impersonate) a wireless access point and steal hundreds of valuable accounts. Emptying someone’s bank account digitally is way safer than mugging them in the street – you can even do it from another country. Which is why the ‘wars’ on VPNs are so dangerous, they may get upset when you unblock US Netflix by using a VPN, but the media giant are putting millions at risk by deterring the use of this technology.

There is a solution for this, and it’s not blocking anyone from watching whilst making their internet connection secure. What is needed is a fundamental change in how the large media companies license their content. It’s plainly ridiculous in an inter-connected world to sell rights to stream to one country and not the other then upload it to a globally connected network. The copyright and licensing industry seems stuck with a business model that belongs in the last century and it needs to change. Their latest restrictions mean that you even need a residential IP address to access the service which clearly millions of business and leisure travelers won’t have whilst away from their home address.

Time for the Online News

One thing I always remember from holidays of yesteryear is how completely out of touch you felt with current affairs.   Especially if you went abroad, you’d get back and ask if anything had happened – cocooned completely from news events by a fortnight in the sun.  If you went for longer, then you’d  get into week 2 and start to get desperate, perhaps rumors of a shock football result or celebrity scandal would drive you into the hotel shops where you’d find a three day old Daily Mirror for sale at ten times the normal price!

Of course, it’s all changed now – when we go on holiday we have our phones, laptops and tablets and of course the internet.  There is no doubt that communication levels have changed completely from our daily interactions with the world wide web.   However it’s still not completely straight forward because of a strange practice called region locking which automatically links your physical location to what you can see online.

You may have seen this happen when you open a search engine like Google whilst travelling, it will automatically redirect you to the local version of the search engine.  It does this by looking up your IP address to determine your location then redirecting you to the appropriate page. Unfortunately it also used to block access and thousands of web sites use it to restrict their sites to people based in certain locations including the BBC.


The BBC will route any non-UK connection through to the International version of their website, which is basically another site with all the good bits and programmes removed.   So for instance the wonderful feature that allows you to stream any BBC programme live on your laptop doesn’t work on the international version.     This is a huge disappointment if you settle down on holiday intending to watch BBC World News streaming and find that it simply won’t work despite you being a long holding UK TV license holder.

Fortunately there are now solutions involving hiding your true location by using a VPN connection.   This works as an effective IP Cloaker because the website only sees the location of the VPN server and not your real address.   Many people have been using these for many years both to supply some privacy online and to access the many websites which block content depending on your physical location.



Learning About TCP/IP Protocol

The Network Access Layer contains data link protocols like Ethernet and Token Ring. When IP receives a datagram that’s addressed to the neighborhood host, it has to pass the data part of the datagram to the right Transport Layer protocol. It’s possible to see from this quick overview that IP performs many crucial functions. As an example, IP is not intended to be reliable and is an ideal effort shipping protocol.

While IPv6 is really a typical version of IP, it isn’t yet popular in operational, commercial networks. It’s not a wholly different protocol however a conservative extension of IPv4. This emphasized the requirement to come up with the following generation protocol known as the IPv6. This is a good strategy to develop into familiar with several of the standards which exist in networking, along with how they apply to protocol stacks and when you need to refer to them.

There are many other factors which you will need to have a look at. Both of These protocols have a distinctive tradeoff. It stores data in a special storage area in this way in which the data may be retrieved as and when required. This indicates the data isn’t received within the exact order as it absolutely was sent.


All modern-day networks are now designed employing a layered approach. This model provides a brief concept about the process of information formatting, transmission, and finally the reception. The data conversion occurs at this layer. This control info is called a header, and also the addition of the header is known as encapsulation.

This describes attributes including pin configurations, voltage levels, as well as cable requirements. This layer gives you end-to-end delivery of information between two nodes. This procedure is called fragmentation. While doing that, it has to manage difficulties like network congestion, switching complications, etc..

One of the serious blessings of the web is swift communication throughout the world. A computer without the Internet nowadays isn’t even imaginable. Besides the net, computers needed to have each of the tools to deal with several high end applications. Consequently, it becomes extremely important for the OS to supply proper security so the computer’s security isn’t compromised in such instances.   These are often centered around proxies and VPN’s – this article also discussed another use of the technology – best VPN for Netflix.  It discusses how you can hide your IP address to bypass the blocks for media sites like Netflix.

We’re in the interval of networking. Computers should communicate with one another. Yearly plans are only helpful for massive multinational corporations which should transfer huge data very frequently. Many well-established providers provide a free plan under which you’re allowed to transfer 20MB with no charges, although this amount of data is minimal now but does allow you to select whether you have a US or British IP address when travelling.

Emailing has become a fantastic tool as it permits you to send several kinds of files to a lot of recipients at the same go. These allow different regions of the similar software to run at the similar time. You may always locate a different machine with features that aren’t mentioned here. All these included many different features.

Indeed, an electronic video recorder server is quite a sensitive machine. Some computers might be utilizing the FAT 32 file apparatus, even though some might use the NTFS file system. Here are a few characteristics of DVR servers. Blue-Ray discs are comparatively new.

People who understand how to transfer large files in a brief time use a reputed file transfer services. There’s absolutely no such requirement in case of the file transfer support. Those people who are conscious of the several methods of how to really send huge files ought to know that files can be transferred through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To utilize a file transfer service you’re required to decide on a plan which may be fortnightly, monthly or yearly.