The School of Communication

One of the keys to success in business and in life is good communication. There is a large gap between the meaning we intend and the meaning that the listener understands. It is a gap that has perplexed linguists, writers, artists and philosophers from the time of Socrates. In our daily lives we often find ourselves saying: 'I didn't mean what I said'. There is so much more to communication than just words. There is also context, body language and tone. Nowadays, there is also digital communication and communication between people of different native languages. These can all be impediments to conveying your meaning.

On the simplest level we cannot take language at 'face value'. Someone might be standing in the rain, waiting for a bus and comment to another person waiting for the bus 'what a wonderful day!' In context it becomes clear that this is irony. It is also to be understood in a cultural context as a conversation gambit or an 'icebreaker'. It is the invitation to interact. It is only when it is understood that comments about the weather serve often as a way of initiating communication, that the situation and the initial ironic or sarcastic comment can be understood.

We instinctively know all of this. Computers do not. When we go to a very different culture we have to learn these contextual meanings if we want to appear 'polite' and 'not strange'.

Body language plays a huge part in communication. Potential lovers use lingering eye contact and unconsciously shadow each other - sipping their wine at the same time etc. By doing so they are signaling to each other on a non-verbal level that says so much more than any words can.

There are a whole range of body language signals for all types of interaction including business. For example the firm handshake to mark consent or the two handed handshake used by politicians when they are 'pressing flesh' to signal to the general public that they care, that they are a person of sincere beliefs.

One of the big advantages of learning a foreign language from a person who speaks that language as a native speaker is that while they are pursuing their pedagogical duties they are unwittingly bringing into the classroom the non-verbal communication signals from their own culture. Studying a foreign language abroad is even better because students become submerged in an entirely new communication nexus that forces them to release their propensity for the systems inherent in their own countries. Perhaps this is why they say that those who take foreign lovers learn the quickest.

On top of all these concerns, it is vital in business to master the new technologies of communication. This means Skype, social media, tweeting, texting and so on. Mastery of both the hardware and the software is required to use all these modern mediums of communication. Those who don't keep abreast of new technologies to do with communication are those who will lose in the competitive world of business.

Perhaps the greatest tool for communication is Those who are able to put themselves on the first page for important search phrases have the opportunity to communicate with thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands. In this sense business communication has become a cut throat competition to dominate profitable conversations. In many ways this is replacing the idea of 'branding' that sought to communicate through auto-suggestion to engender a mass response.

It is those who learn all these interpersonal, psychological, technical and SEO techniques who will be the most successful in making their communication count, in getting their message over, in being understood and converting that understanding into results.


halloweenGastroausstattung is a new blog about food. They started there blog this year and have since been trying out some different designs. Let’s take a look in this case, about what they did to get more costumers and how they are using their website and the social medias to communicate with their customers.
As a brand new site, nobody knew about them and they had to start from a scratch, so how do you go from nowhere to around 500 visitors a day? Without having to pay for traffic or a lot of paid advertising. Writing about a lot of interesting topics is a good way to get people to return, at they write about various food related topics, such as what is sous vide, create the perfect Halloween cake, which restaurants to visit in the big cities etc. This is a good way to get visitors to return to your website, at least if you update it on a regular basis with useful articles. But how to get them to visit in the first place.. let’s take a look at some of the tools they used.

Social Media
The social medias played a huge role in launching Gastroausstattung, they had a lot of their friends share their new site on Facebook, mention it on Twitter, and they are uploading a lot of fancy food images on Instagram, with text such as see the recipe here at this website… In order to get the most out of the social media’s you have to put a regular effort into it, you can’t just start a campaign, work on it for a week or two and then think, that’s it, now I am done. Using the social medias to boost your traffic requires continual work.

Email marketing
Having a few friends in a related niche, with a big list of newsletter subscribers also helps a lot. Especially if you can get them to mention your brand new blog in their newsletter. For instance a guy selling organic mean, may mention a site like Gastroausstattung like, now that you just bought all this great meat, you can find some good food recipes here.

These are just two ways of getting some more traffic for free. If you have a little bit of money with you, you can set up various types of paid banner campaigns, Google Adwords, Facebook ads and much more. But getting the people to visit your site is just the first step, the hard part is keeping them on your site long enough for them to notice that you actually offers something useful, and then again to make them come back at a later point.


Social Media communication by Vinduer

Are you on any social medias? If not then you most likely have noticed the name mentioned at least once a day from friends, television or on the radio. It has become such a big part of our lives and way of communicating that it’s almost impossible to not get affected by it one way or another. I am PT Vinduer and I am writting this little article to tell you a little bit more about the various social medias we use today. If you are the type of person who spends 10 hours day on your tablet, smartphone or computer, then you most likely know most of this already. Even though it’s becomming smaller and smaller there are still a large group of people who have heard the word social media, but still arn’t sure what it means. At my own company Vinduer Media, we are on a daily basis helping customers use the various online medias to improve their personal profile or their busines. Let’s start out by taking a look at some of the most populars types of SM we use today.

One of the largest social medias today are Facebook with almost 1.5 billion active monthly users. Facebook are used both on a personal level, where individuals are uploading pictures and messages of all types. Commenting other peoples upload and generally just passing time online. Many companies also use FB to interact with their customers, keep them update about new products or various events.

Twitter enables you to writte small status updates. For instance “I just bought a new car, check it out here”, it’s mainly used to known people, such as policians, actors, musicians or sports stars, and the people following their profile. Twitter currently has about 360 million active users.

With about 350 active users LinkedIn is the 3. largest social media today. It’s mainly a business oriented media where you can upload your resume or job opening and many other things related to the business world. It’s more serious than most of the other medias here in this article.

Pinterest is a focued on pictures which they call pins. You can upload various pictures or photo albums and write a small description for it. It’s used both by private people who just want to have an online photo album, by photographers who wants to display their skills, or by some companies to display their products in images.

Google Plus is a bit like facebook, you can upload different messages, reviews, pictures or videos or comment on your friends. Here at Vindues media we ofte have to explain people the difference between Google+ and the search engine google. For a lot of people, Google plus seems a bit off compared to the other SM.

These are just five of the most used social medias, we use to communicate with our friends or the rest of the world. A few other social medias worth mention are Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and If you want to learn more about this types of services, there’s a good article on Hexen about it.

Paul T. Vinduer

Harness the Power of Videos for Internet Marketers

Sometimes new tactics and approaches hit the world of online businesses as the next ‘sure thing’, only to fade from view a few months later. However the power of utilising video and multimedia in your marketing efforts has stood the test of time, if you’re not using it then you’re missing out.

More online marketers today than ever before are recognizing the power of video marketing. Not long ago, it was fairly cutting edge to use videos to market your business; now it’s practically mandatory. Videos often serve the purpose of sales pages, or may accompany a sales page to give people another medium to absorb the information. Of course, there are some videos that are better than others. With so many videos floating around the web, how do you make ones that get noticed? Keep reading this article to find out!


If you have a logo you should definitely include it in all of your videos -if you don’t, you should consider creating one. Don’t make it too small, but prominent enough that viewers will notice it. This helps people remember who you are and turns your video into a branding opportunity as well as an opportunity to educate people on what it is that you want them to know. While you want the logo to be very visible, it shouldn’t get in the way of whatever you’re trying to convey in your video. Simple video editing tools will let you insert the image and make sure that it looks good before you actually publish your video like this one entitled watch TV3 online.

Since you want people to visit your site, you must include an URL with your videos. You have several options for this. It’s best if you can insert a clickable link in the video itself. Having the URL visible at the bottom of the screen throughout the video is also effective. Aside from this, make sure you include your link in the video description area. Anytime you can make an URL clickable, you should do so. It’s also best to use anchor text with the name of your site when you can. You want to make your website URL familiar to viewers, which is also why you should pick your domain name carefully.

Use your videos as visual and audio case studies. There is no need to put yourself in every video that you do. One thing you can do is get people that have purchased your products or services to do audio or video testimonials. Once they do the videos for you, you simply need to upload them with the proper tags and descriptions. It is a good idea to also make longer videos which go into great detail on what you have to offer. Case study videos are great but make sure you don’t go over your maximum time allotment or you run the risk of having your videos getting cut off prematurely. Internet users have come to expect videos, no matter what kind of material or information they may be seeking. It’s so commonplace these days that not having at least one video about yourself is seen as weird in Internet Marketing circles. Making great videos involves a number of elements, none of which can be overlooked. You’ll find that the guidelines we’ve shared in this article can help you gain more viewers for your videos in a short time.

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Advice to Help you Look After Your Customers

Your customers are important to your business, to be honest your customer are your business for without them all the other facets are unnecessary. Your services, your product or solutions are produced to satisfy a need for your customer and if they go elsewhere you may as well go home. Which is why it’s so vital to look after your existing customers and not disregard them in the stampede to attract new business.


Probably many businesses know they should improve operations and effectiveness with customer service. It is true that this gets the backseat most of the time. To improve your customer service experience, you need to stop postponing making important changes. However that is not the way to go because the impact of poor customer service follows you. When you have this condition, then word really does get around the web about your company.

Visitors look at the most interesting details when they land on a site. In accordance with the sort of product or service, they will check into how easy it is to use the customer service. What people do is look for signs that a business is for real and professional. Then, they are also mindful of how well they feel like they are being taken care of. So what you want to achieve with your customer service is a high degree of availability. There are many ways to do this and not all methods amount to inconvenience on your part. Although, you need to circumvent being a swindler to people and making them think that something is there when it isn’t.   Be honest and describe your goods or services accurately, making a video demonstrating like this one which shows how to use a proxy to watch the BBC

I have seen sites with online chat that was never available at any time of the day or night. If you want to do business properly, you need to figure out the best way to deal with any problem that might come up. Since you are a consumer, chances are good that you have had disputes with a business you purchased a product from. This is an area that you always want to have go smoothly. There are all sorts of reasons to work hard to resolve disputes. The biggest one is the reputation of your company. Work hard to find a way to resolve problems in a way that your customer will find satisfying. Your company needs to be protected as well. Try to set up dispute resolution guidelines and make sure that they are followed.

Any time a customer has a problem and contacts your customer service, they want it resolved and done so ASAP. People online are impatient as you know, and maybe you are one of the very impatient types. It is up to you to set the standard for how fast things are taking care of everyday. Although getting back to someone within 24 hours may seem realistic, it is something that may not be fast enough. It is common for people to want things resolved in less than an hour. This is because online attention spans are typically accelerated or very short. When it is off business hours, then you are going to have issues like this. Hiring a virtual assistant is probably your best bet for handling situations like this.

It is not uncommon for major corporations to be known for their horrible customer service programs. Some truly household names are associated with having really bad reputations in association with customer service. Focusing on your customer service for your clientele is something you need to do in building your business everyday. As you probably know, positive impressions are just like negative ones – they spread quickly! Once you have established this positive reputation, you can build on it even more.

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The Art of  Rockstar Copyrighting – Let’s Get Started

Copywriting is an invaluable skill in almost every type of business. This is the case whether you’re writing for the internet or using direct mail tactics.  The top copywriters have the ability to sell almost anything, as any of us who’s ever bought some sort of money making scheme have probably realised.  But good copywriting shouldn’t be deceptive, but it can emphasise the advantages of your product or service to potential customers.


It’s importance goes beyond writing up effective sales letters or emails. It helps to write down some persuasive language prior to a meeting or phone call. Any business can be made more profitable by applying the principles of copywriting. The guidelines we’ll be discussing in this article will enable you to write effective copy that converts well.

Don’t think your product can’t be sold like this, if you have something for sale – copywriting can help.  Just watch anything online from the adverts at the beginning of your favorite TV stations, mine is watching TV3 online to magazines, newspapers or websites.

Putting yourself out there isn’t something that should frighten you. Publish the copy you write for your products on to your blog. Submitting articles about them to the article directories is also a good idea and will help you with your website’s SEO. Ask people in the marketing and copywriting forums to critique your work. This will get you lots of valuable feedback that you can use to sell even more of your products and services. You’ll be able to build your presence in a bunch of different online communities, which is great for the building up of a highly valuable business network. Pros aren’t afraid to put themselves out there, even if it means admitting that they aren’t perfect.

You should never ever fake enthusiasm for the products and services you’re selling. You obviously like what you’re selling or you wouldn’t be selling it. Let that enthusiasm come through in your writing. It is okay to show that you love whatever it is that you’re selling. You want to seem modest when you are talking to people but copywriting isn’t the best place for it. Copywriting is how you get to talk about exactly how awesome your products and services really are. In fact, copywriting is where you are expected to talk about how awesome you are. Grab the opportunity to talk about how awesome you are!

The first time you write copy, it is going to be really bad–accept this inevitability. This is the truth no matter which kind of copy you build. It is true no matter how many times you sit down to create something. A first draft is the worst draft of them all. It’s just the way of writing. Good doesn’t happen until you start editing and shining your copy. So as you write your first draft just concentrate on getting the big ideas down on the page. Don’t even think about trying to make them good or eloquent yet. You can develop the very useful skill of copywriting to excel as a business owner online or off-line. Regardless of whether you are doing an online or off-line business, the same will hold true. Your business will definitely benefit monetarily if you utilize these tips on copywriting. You’ll be earning profits before you know it.

Jeff Slaisvury

Smartphone and tablets replaces books

untitledjpgIf you belong to the population who still enjoy reading a real paper book, then you belong the minority of people today. Statistics show that more and more of us have replaced the traditional book with a digital version, either as an Ebook or as an audio book. But why is it that we are no longer reading real books but instead go for the digital versions? According to Peter Kostumer from Poland-Epp more than 70% of the books being read today, are none paper books. Let’s take a closer look at why this may be.

The reason that there are still some who prefer the old school books, is that they like the feeling of papir between their fingers, and feel that some of the charm with reading, just goes away when reading on a tablet, ebook reader og a smartphone. But Peter Kostumer noticed that, if you let this group of people read on an electronic device for a few weeks they won’t notice the difference any more. Some people also complain that it’s harder on the eyes reading a table or mobilphone compared to a book. For some this is true, but an ebook reader with E-ink will easily solve that problem. But what are the benefits of reading on such a device then, compared to a traditional book?

Benefits of eletronic reading devices
One of the best parts with an electronic reading device such as a tablet, smartphone or ebook reader, is that you can buy a book online and begin to read it,in less than a minut. You don’t have to goto a book shop or the library in order to get the books anymore. This can save you a lot of time. Also the prices of book in a digital version is often lower than the paper books. A lot of people, my self included, likes to look up things i am reading, for instance a word i don’t know, check a wiki for something in the book or just to spend a few minutes away from the book. This is so much easier when you are already sitting with your tablet in your hand. Another interesting thing that Peter Kostumer noticed in his research, was that almost a third of all books now a day, are audio books. It actually turns out that more and more people, wants to listen to the book instead of reading it themselves. But why is that? Mr. Kostumer looked closer into this and has discovered that the 2 largest group of people who prefers to listen to the books are pendlers. People who are driving to work, either by themselves or by public transportation. Here’s it’s often not easy to read it yourself, and you just sit back and listen to the book instead. The other group of audio lovers are people who likes to “multitask”. For instance if you like knitting, then you can sit in your chair and knit, while listening to your book. Eu politics have also started to focus more on eletronic books over paper books.

Alot of students are also starting to enjoy the benefits of tablets. Instead of having to bring 20 books to school every day, you now just have to bring your tablet. As you can see, for a lot of people it have suddenly become so much easier to read and because of this, there are actually more people reading now than it was just 10 years ago.


Are there any Great Virtual Assistants Out There?

It might be that you’ve tried using virtual assistants before and lived to regret it. The problem is that although they are often very inexpensive, ultimately if they don’t add sufficient value to your business they can be more of a hindrance than a help. There’s no doubt that an assistant who has the right skills and attitude, who is able to develop valuable content like this page, is certainly worth employing but how do you find them?

Virtual assistants can be found in all types from the worst slackers to absolute and consummate professionals. It’s in your best interests to avoid going after the lowest possible fees on the market. Look at your business and be the judge about how important it is to you. If you are attempting to build a long-term business that looks absolutely professional, this is the standard you need to set. The thing about great VA’s is they are typically not looking for work. They have a full schedule because they are good. There are always diamonds hiding out there amongst the rough–your job, then, is to hunt them down. This means that you need to learn about yourself so that you can accomplish this; this article can help you with that.


Any virtual assistant that you hire, they really need to have experience. That’s good all around but for you it means you can look for social proof. References supplied by the applicant, not testimonials, will be how you get this information. If you’re in a rush, you still need to check references to make sure they are who they say they are. Anyway, it’s like having an employment background check on this individual. If you do this, you may end up hiring the right person, and not the wrong one for the job. Every reference that you contact, make sure you are professional with the questions that you ask. If possible, it’s not a bad idea to talk on the phone with previous employers.

Not all VA’s will have a website, but it there is one then you’ll want to check it out. Find out all you can about them performing a whois search as well. Sadly, when hiring people, you need to verify the info they tell you. In most cases, a VA will not have a website, so don’t make it mandatory. But it seems logical that a person who is more professional will have a site. This is more or less a judgment call on the candidate’s part. Most of them won’t have a website, so don’t judge them if they do not have one.

It’s best to remember that you and each applicant have to make the best decision about working with the other. In this article, we have discussed ways to find the right VA for your business and your projects. You need to ensure that you are both a great fit for one another. This will stop potential difficulties from happening later on. That’s why you need to be completely clear about everything. They also need to know that you are the best fit for them if they are going to work with you long-term. You should ask the prospective VA what they expect of you. You may be surprised by the answers that you receive. This is something that most people don’t do.

Without a doubt, virtual assistance are a very necessary community on the web that helps people make money. You may find that you need to have more time doing things that make you more money. That’s why you need to hire a VA when the time comes. You can reclaim time in your life by leveraging it in this manner to your benefit.

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Some Basic Techniques for Speed Reading

The art (or perhaps science) of speed reading relates to the very basic concept of improving an individual’s ability to read quickly. There are many different concepts including ‘chunking’ and reducing subvocalization. However getting started is fairly simple and hopefully this article will act as a starter for many. Although we live in a society where we are bombarded with information from all sources, from videos like this or endless comments and adverts through our screens or social media. The reality is that the ability of speed reading becomes more useful the more information we have to deal with.


Most people find themselves hesitant to discover all about speed reading techniques. And if you’re just unsure about it, then take advantage of the information on the web that’s free to use.

Bear in mind that this is nothing but gaining new skills, changing habits in your mind, and then applying yourself to learn how to do it. You’ll need to have a consistent effort in the beginning because that’s how you learn best, and then in time it needs to become second nature to you.

Many people find speed reading exercises very strenuous at first, especially to the eyes. Of course, people who normally read a lot may not have this problem as much as those who read less often. Just as when you do physical exercise, it’s important to notice how you’re feeling when you read. You can schedule breaks when they’re needed, and you have to practice for more than a few minutes, too. That’s the only way you will make any progress, so avoid being lazy about it. If you want to improve your skills, you will be willing to put in the work. There’s nothing wrong with frequent breaks, as long as you then return to the exercise. Focusing your eyes on something far off every so often is a good way to give them a break from the exercise you’re doing. Along with speed reading techniques, one related learning technique is using mind mapping software and it’s really easy to learn. If you think this is something not worth your time, then you’re wrong because they’re used in academia and science, etc. Once you use this one time, then you’ll come back to it again because it’s a very intriguing tool and very helpful. This is just an optional and related approach you can use with speed reading, and so you’ll map the information first and then read for understanding. If you’re still questioning the utility of mapping, then do some research on it and discover all the positive uses for it.

One of the effects of learning how to read is that it produces the silent spoken words as we read. This is actually an obstacle to speed when you are reading for reasons I’ll mention in a moment. Just about everyone has a tough time breaking this habit, and you should just try it if you’ve never and see for yourself. You can find various little tricks to help you such as quietly humming anything while you’re reading. You know very well that anytime you want to form new habits, you’ll have to give it plenty of time.

When seeking the best speed reading techniques, you have to consider how you learn best. It all comes down to the style of learning that is most appropriate for you. That’s why it’s a good idea to become familiar with as many techniques as possible.

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Communication in 2015

kostumerThe way we communicate have changed quite a bit over the last 20 years or so. 20 years ago it wasn’t uncommon that you wrote a letter to someone, if you wanted them to know how you were doing and what was going on. If you were a modern person, you might even write that letter on a computer instead of by hand or on a typewritter. Sometimes you would even grab the telephone and call a person you wanted to communicate with, but if that person lived a bit away from you, this could easily become quite expensive, especially if the person lived in another country.

A few years later, we got two new types of communicate methods. The first one was Email. As more and more people (especially younger people), came online, it now became possible to instantly send them a letter through email and it quickly became one of the most popular ways to communicate. Later it became possible to attached elements to your email. For instance that funny pictures of a cat in a halloween kostume, or a video of your sons birthsday party. It’s still one of the most used communication forms and that probably won’t change much, for the next several years either.

The other new type of communicate we got around that time was the short message system (or sms for short). You could now use the numbers on your mobile telephone to write a short text message to someone and over the next years, it became one of the most used types of communication in the world. It was fast, easy to use and you could reach almost anyone instantly by using it.

But how do we communicate today then? Actually a lot of our communication have been moved to the social medias. You no longer write someone you haven’t had any contact with in a while, telling them how you are doing. They can just look at your facebook profile, and see your daily status updates. Your friends comments on your text or image posts, or even use thhe personal message systems in the social medias, instead of sending an email or text message by phone. Recent analysis indicates that about 23% of today’s communication have been moved to the social medias. This number is very likely to raise a little more over the next few years. We still use emails, but mainly at work, we still use sms messages, but not quite as often as we used to. Some people even still use the telephone to talk to their friends or family, but this number has decreased quite a bit over the last 10 years. Even in the business industri this is changing. A lot more business, such as Nyt tag, have moved on to the social medias in order to stay in touch with their costumers, and reach them with new products and various updates in a fast and cheap way.

As you can see the way we communicate with others, isn’t something stabile, it’s a changing process like many other things in the world. While it might be hard for us to image how we will be communicating in 20 years from now, one thing is certain. It will be quite different from how we do it today.

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Should you consider online advertising?

imagesYou got a brand new product or business ready, and now you want to make sure as many as possible know about it. You know that your customers won’t find it by themselves, that you somehow have to communicate the message out to them. You may have tried an ad in the local newspaper, but nobody noticed it, you might have considered a radio or tv spot, but found it way to expensive. Now you are considering using online advertising to reach out to your customers, but it’s such a big area where you can easily spend all your advertising money without getting anything for it. This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine who have just started a new company called Tyrolerudklædning, a webshop selling tyroler kostumer and after several failed attempts at getting customer he reached out to me asking for advise. I gave him some tips and a month later, his sales for tyroler kostumer had increased by 150% without him having to spend more money than he already did on advertising. I have been involved in many such project like Karnevalsshoppen, kostumeoutlet and city IT over the last 15 years. So I figured that I might as well share a few tips with some of the readers here, who might be in the same situation. Let’s start out by look at the many options you got.

PPC – Pay Per Click
One of the most used types of online advertising is pay per click, here you gets your ad displayed somewhere, but you only pay for those who actually clicks on your adverting. A few well known examples of this type of advertising is Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising and Pricerunner. It can be a really good source of traffic, but you have to know what you do. If you place to many bids at the wrong keywords, or to a high bid compared to your convertation ratio, then you are likely to be wasting money. Most of the the you are best of by hiring a professionel company, who charges a one time fee to setup everything for you. It might cost you a little extra to begin with, but you will often be saving money in the long run.

Most websites owners just love SEO. The quality of the traffic are often quite good,and best of all, it’s free clicks. The problem here is that if you are in a competitive business, it can be very expensive to get a good natural position for a keyword with a lot of traffic. It’s also a long term strategy where it sometimes can take several months before you see the result. There are also the risk of hiring a company who don’t exactly know what they are doing, and may actually end up harming your traffic instead of boosting it. If you want some good natural traffic, the best you can do in the beginning is write some good quality unique content on your site and for your products.

Banner Advertising
A lot of online business owners gets phonecalls or emails from people wanting to sell them a banner spot on their website. 99% of the times this is a waste of money. The click rate on banners are often not worth the cost, unless you know exactly what you are doing. So this isn’t something I would recommend for a new company.

Affiliate webmasters
For some this is a great way of boosting sales. Basically you are paying other people to sell your product. It can be a certain % of the sale, or a fixed amount. They place banner or link on their own site, and when someone clicks on it, they are redirected to your site. It’s can be a little tricky to set up, but depending on which product you are selling it may be a good way of boosting sales. We did that for and it also helped improve sales of tyroler kostumer quite a bit. In order for this to work, you need a large profit margin for each sale.

Now these are just some of the most common examples of how you can advertise for your service or product online. But the best thing you can do, is to make sure that your website is optimized for conversions. I have seen companies pay 10.000$ a month one some of the things above for years. Then they paid a guy 5000$ to optimize their site for sales and after that their sales almost doubled. That means that he then got twice a much sales for the same 10.000$. So always make sure that your customer can easily find and buy your product once he or she have reached your site.

Improving Your Cold Calling Skills

The most important goal for a brand new business is making people aware that you exist. Think outside the box and make the decision that you will start cold calling to get that word out. All you will do is what the name implies, you get leads and then set about making calls. This is a process that pretty much everyone hates, and it’s easy to annoy the person you’re trying to attract or feel intimidated by the process and fear rejection.


First of all, you should just work with the amount of time you have at your disposal. Just make a schedule, and then stick to it Monday through Friday although those two days are special. If you finish those calls before the time you’ve set is up, just move on to the next task on your to-do list. So be sure to keep your leads organized and be sure to take notes along the way. But, if you feel you need to take a day off and get a break, then just do what you have to do. If you cannot get anything else, then get the email address. This person will tell you that you cannot talk to the person that you want to speak to. That is okay. You can just ask for the email address and then send your information in a email. So that you are not in their spam folder, give them your email address too. There are plenty of business owners that would rather handle things in this manner. However, it is the first call that will be remembered the most, so make sure that it is a good one.

It’s the little things that can go a long way, so just be courteous and offer your thanks to whomever you are speaking with. How you speak with those you call can influence what they feel, and sometimes the smallest nice thing can open them up to you. Simply say something to let them know you appreciate the time they’re giving you. You don’t have to go overboard, and a quick thank you at the beginning so that you don’t forget to say it and then thank you before you hang up should be sufficient.

There are plenty of things that you can do to make cold calling more effective. Cold calling might not be your preferred task. But by making use of the tips that were made in this article, you can make more money in the end. Once you get your skills underway, you can really make the money that you want.


Business Skills – Making a Great Impression

Maybe you have a top business idea that people will love. It could be that your product is exceptional, more so than everyone else’s. Perhaps you are set up, business offices ready. You’ve hired help. You’ve done the advertising and the marketing. Doing a lot of business, however, is not a reality for you. Why is this? You are, after all, a brilliant business person with a killer mind. Your first impression is your problem – this is how you appear to your potential customers, and everyone else you meet in your industry. In fact, your first impression might be downright bad. Now let’s look at ways to improve your first impression, making it better than ever before, using simple tips you can utilize today.

Communication is very important – you need to be prompt and cordial. Trying to respond to people that call you, or e-mail you, within business hours, is something you should do. If you really want to win someone over, the best way is to respond to any inquiries that they may have, especially if it is late in the day, and you are unable to get to them. A quick “I know you’re there” will certainly help. If you say this, then you definitely need to live up to your promise. Do not let more than 24 hours lapse between when that person first communicated with you and when you respond fully to them. You don’t have to call them back immediately if the weekend is upon you. A Monday morning call would be sufficient.


Prior to meeting anyone, you need to do the research that is necessary. Meeting someone on the fly, or unexpectedly, doesn’t make this possible in many cases. If you have the chance, though, do some research about the person you are going to be meeting. You can locate social media profiles on them, perhaps buy a proxy to check out different countries. Search for their name in the media and see if they are there. You can look on websites and blogs too.

You will be ready to answer any questions that come up if you have done research on these people ahead of time. Conversations with them will be more realistic, and less robotic. You can ask them about the things you’ve read or talk about things you’ve got in common.

A positive attitude is everything. You don’t have to be Mary Sunshine about absolutely everything. It’s not necessary to complain about things all the time, especially when you just meet someone. It is essential that you change any conversation that is negative into something positive, especially if someone is talking negatively to you. Anyone that is facing something negative in their lives, try to help them with pointing out some positive aspects instead. Being positive is very important – do this with every conversation. If you really want to succeed with your business, there are several things that you have to do. Even if you know what to do in business, without a positive first impression, you won’t succeed. Is there a way to accomplish this on your own? Using the tips and strategies in this article, you can get going in the right way. Research a bit on the Internet, and you will find even more tactics to help you succeed.

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Communicate with your customers

untitledFor some companies, the act of communicating with their costumers comes naturally. For others it’s non existant or a process that needs to be learned. Having a good communicating with your customer is one of the most important aspect of running a company. I talked to Lars Briketter From DC Supply, a company selling a container solution to their customers, and he is certain that they wouldn’t be among the leading companies in their niche, if not for having a great communicating team. But why is this so big a thing?

People likes to be informed, especially if you buy something online, it’s important to send the customer informaiton about what he just bought, when the product is shipped, and then a follow up to see if the customer is satisfied with the product or service he recieved. All of this helps to build a good relationship with your customers and makes them more satisfied with their buy. And we all know that when a customer feels he got a good service and is satisfied, chance are they will return and buy at your shop, the next time he needs something you sell.
So being good at communicating with your customers will often lead to increased sales in the long run. Something that DC Supply noticed themself, when they launched their new product Pavillon, a special container solution. Having a large database of existing costumers, tons of Facebook and Twitter followers ensured that most of their customers, was informed about this new product. And within a few months they had already sold a lot of their Pavillon solutions. All of this because they were good at communicating the information to their customers.

So if being good at getting information out to your customers, can lead to more sales, what happens if you don’t know how to communicate with your customers? Well let’s take an example from my own life. 2 weeks ago I bought an item from a webshop I haven’t used before. I paid online and got a mail confirming my buy. The website advertised with day to day delivery. 4 days later I still haven’t gotten my package. So I wrote the shop asking why I haven’t recieved anything from them yet. 3 days later I got a reply, that they had made a mistake, and my item was no longer in stock, and it would take 3 more days before they got it. They least they could do when they noticed the mistake, was send me a mail telling me about the delay. Or at least answer the email within 24 hours instead of letting me wait for 3 days. Because of that I gave them a bad review on trustpilot.

Alot of companies end up getting bad reviews, on the various review sites, mainly due to poor customer communication. Most of these poor review cases, could easily have been solved if the company, had been better at keeping their customers informed, being fast at replying to emails and such small things. Many people still check these kind of review sites before making a buy. If they find to many bad reviews, they will most likely buy somewhere else. So basically you may say that, if a company don’t know how to communicate with customers, then it can also lead to fewer sales, just like being great at it, can lead to more.

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Advice on Releasing a New Product

It’s possible to have a successful product launch no matter what your experience or budget.

At the same time, you will have to exert some effort if you want this to happen. The trick is to line up all of your ducks in a row, as a product launch has many aspects. A lot of it comes down to your organizational skills, as you can’t overlook anything. The typical experience is something much less than spectacular or even profitable. It’s a good idea to assume you have a lot to learn -that will help stack the cards in your favor.

A successful product launch should be planned well in advance when it comes to things like advertising and your marketing plan. You will also need to make sure you are on schedule because you want to have your advertising in place and ready to go. To give you the best chance of success, have a multifaceted promotional and advertising strategy.


You should have as many as possible because that will give you the greatest exposure and success. Don’t limit yourself to the internet -consider radio, newspapers and even TV ads. Target websites where your prospects go and inquire about advertising there. Advertising requires a careful attention to your budget, so always test your campaigns to see if they are worth continuing. There are only a few things that work better than the internet crowding anticipating a new online product. This plays directly off anticipation of something that gets attention for whatever reason. You will have to have a targeted market in order for this to work.

One of the easiest way to create a buzz is by making a video and you have a lot of options for this. Just try not to produce a video that brings a lot of negative publicity. Highlight one of the best features of your product. Avoid an embarrassing launch by not lying during this section.  You can place these videos on hundreds of advertising and media sites, although you may need to invest in a VPN to change your location for some sites – this is recommended.

It’s a good idea to do some tests to see how people react to your product prior to actually releasing it. You could, for instance, give away some copies of your product provided that the recipient agrees to give you an honest review of it. You aren’t looking for only praise, but an honest appraisal about your product. If there are any hidden problems with your product, this is a way to uncover them. You should also ask them what price they feel would be suitable for the product. Ask them whatever you feel is relevant, but don’t take too much of their time. When you have your real product launch, you want to make sure everything is running smoothly. There’s a degree of uncertainty with any product launch, whether you’re a top level marketer or a complete beginner. Consider that even giant corporations will sometimes release a product that never gets off the ground. You should have the attitude that you will keep adjusting your approach until you create a successful product. You can, however, improve your chances by carefully researching your topic and target audience before you even create your product.

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How to Succeed in Business Interviews

Competition is at an all-time high for landing jobs. You have to be on top of your game with business interviews the way the economy is right now. To get hired in today’s economy, you have to be aware that you might not get the job. You probably need to do some research on how to do interviews, even if you’ve never done one before. It’s about being able to accomplish what you need to do during the interview. In regard to your employer, as well as yourself, this is a numbers game. You can get off to a great start by reading this article and taking the following tips to heart.

During business interviews, you should go out of your way to look people in the eye as much as possible. If your eyes dart around the room, people might think that you have something to hide. During an interview, you also want to come across as calm and self-possessed and one way to do this is to make eye contact frequently. There are some people, though, who are not naturally inclined to make steady eye contact with others. This is something you really should work on if you have a problem with it. Looking at people is particularly important when they are saying something, as it shows you are paying attention. It’s acceptable, and even considered normal, to take occasional breaks from eye contact when you are talking.



If you’re too nervous during an interview, it can cause you to forget important things you wanted to say. Few people can be completely confident during an interview, so don’t expect to be perfect. For example, you may not answer questions as thoroughly as you should if you’re nervous. This can undermine the whole idea, which is to show them how confident and well qualified you are. Having the interview jitters can mask your best qualities, as you never get a chance to display them. So do something like think about your breathing and try to breathe as normally as possible. Avoid breathing too deeply, too much because you can make yourself hyperventilate.

Another thing you need to remember is that employers want to have employees that are professional and intelligent in their communication abilities. When you interview with them, you can help them understand your skills. The reason that interviewers ask questions, in part, is to assess your communication skills. It is imperative that you are concise in your responses to them. Instead of answering a question you don’t quite understand, ask for clarification before responding. You can restate the question with a gesture that means you are asking them if you understand correctly.

Check out the media, watch interviews on the TV or news programmes for tips.  People who are interviewed often as part of their jobs develop a certain calmness and style to being questioned.  Some of the best are politicians, whatever you may think of them – they usually have excellent interview skills honed by years of practice.  Check out the mainstream media like the BBC’s Newsnight programme or there are lots on US stations – you might need to use a US VPN to access some stations like this.

No matter what results you get from an interview, you can learn a lot from it. Come to interviews as prepared as possible, and this includes researching the person who is going to do the interviewing. Since all interviewers are different, the more information you have about the person, the better for you. Your goal should be to show up at the interview with as much foreknowledge as possible.

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Starting your own blog

bedste træpiller i NordjyllandAnother way to communicate with others and share your thoughts and views with the world is by blogging. It’s quite simple to start a blog and get started with blogging. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you don’t need to be a design expert to get startet. In fact you can get started within 10 minutes and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. If you want to see an example of a live blog about brænde and briketter, you can goto This is a simple information blog on how to get the most out of your firewood such as billig briketter or brænde. There are many other types of blogs out there. You can find blogs about any topic you can imagine. Some of the more popular topics are fashion, clothes, traveling. Let’s take a look at how you can start your own blog and begin to communicate with your readers through it. If you are wondering how you can communicate on blogs, it’s often through the comments, which people are posting to your pages and blog posts.

Free Blog

If you don’t have any experience with blogging, starting a free blog is a good way to get started. There is no need to spend a lot of money on hosting, themes, domain names if you don’t know if it’s something you actually want to spend time on. There are two great and free blogging system which I often use to start a free blog on. The first system is WordPress. WordPress comes in 2 formats. One is Here you can create a blog for free on the subdomain An example of such as a blog is the free site for brikettertilbud called On this system you can create pages, blog posts, insert text and images. You can choose from a bunch of preinstalled themes and a lot of other features. It’s really simple to use and doesn’t require much skill to get started. Should you later on want to add your own domain name to the blog, this feature is also possible. Another similar system is On blogger you can also create text, images and videos. In my opinion it’s not quite as simple as wordpress but still a good system for most basic needs.

Paid blog

Paid blog might be the wrong word for this, but once you have gained a little experience with the free blog, you may want to move on to a more advanced configuration. You would want to have your own domainname. So instead of having for instance, you would want or You will have all rights to the domain, and should your hosting company shut down, you can always move the domain to a different host. You will also be needing a hosting solution. Don’t go with the free hosts, a lot of the time they put advertising on your blog which can annoy your visitors, or they shut down within a year or two. Find a good cheap webhotel, this can easily be found for less than 5$ a month. If you enjoyed the free blog on, I suggest you download the free cms system and install it on your new domainname. It contains the same features as your blog, but you can now add even more functions to your blog by using some of the many free plugins that are available. This can take your blog to a whole new level. You can add event calanders, slideshows, picture galleries and much more. Best of all, most of the good plugins are completely free of charge. You also get full access to the source code, so you can easily modify the various php or html files to suit your needs.

I hope this have given you a little idea about blogging and maybe making you feel like trying this out for yourself. It’s a great way of sharing your views with the rest of the world and meet new people.